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About returns and exchanges

In case of customer's convenience

We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience, such as size not matching or image. Please consider carefully in advance and carefully check before ordering.

Regarding exchange,Only when all of the following "conditions regarding replacement" are applicableWe will accept it. Also in that case,Customers are responsible for shipping chargesPlease note that it will be.

Conditions related to exchange

  • If you contact us within 7 days of receiving the product
  • Not used
  • Not repaired, washed, or cleaned
  • The product tags and labels have not been removed
  • If there are other accessories, they must not have been damaged, soiled or lost.
  • No odors, stains or scratches have been generated by the customer.
  • The condition when the product (including boxes and accessories) is returned to us does not differ greatly from the condition when delivered.

As for items to be exchanged, in principle, we will only accept products of the same size but different size or equivalent products. However, if the target product cannot be prepared due to lack of stock, etc., it may be considered as another equivalent product. Please understand in advance.

method of exchange

If you would like to exchange, Contact UsPlease specify the same content as below and send it.

  • Purchased product name
  • Purchased product size
  • Product name you want to exchange
  • The size of the product you want to exchange
  • Reason for requesting exchange

As soon as we receive your inquiry, please mail the product.

In case of defective product or wrong shipment

We will do our best to ship the product, but in the unlikely event of a defective product or erroneous delivery,Within 7 days after product arrivalPlease contact us. We will handle returns and exchanges as soon as possible.

How to contact

Sorry for the inconvenience,Contact UsPlease specify the same content as below and send it.

  • Product name delivered
  • Size of the delivered product
  • Desired response (return or exchange)
  • Reasons for returning or exchanging